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This is merely a private website / blog where i collect my thoughts, ideas, projects and some docs.

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Latest stuff

Pinout for the ESP8266 based Shelly Plug-S Smart Plug


If you want to run Tasmota or any other custom ESP8266 firmware on the Shelly Plug-S, here's the pinout!

ESP8266 & SHT30 Wifi Temperature Sensor


A small Arduino project for ESP8266 chips that reads a SHT30 temperature & humidity sensor and posts the result over MQTT.

Node-RED Light Scheduler


Light Scheduler is a node-red node that provides a weekly schedule, and is mainly focused on controlling light in home automation scenarios but could be used to control anything in your node-red setup.

RADIUS node for Node-RED


A Node-RED node that implements the raw RADIUS protocol. Makes it easy to implement accounting or authentication within Node-RED

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