3D Printed Stevenson Screen

It's always a hassle to find the right position for the outdoor temperature sensors since you want to avoid direct sunlight but still want the sensor in a representable position measuring the temperature where you normally are instead of in the shadow behind a large building.

I realized that it would be possible to create a 3D design that could be printed in more or less a single piece and still let enough air through to not result in too much heat-buildup inside the screen. I made two different sizes to experiment, and it's clear that you wan't to make sure that you have good airflow so that air that gets heated up can escape out and make sure that colder surrounding air gets in to the sensor.

3D Rendered small Stevenson Screen Small Stevenson Screen

The smaller screen gives some protection against direct sunlight, but unless you absolutely want a very tiny screen... i would go for the larger one any day of the week. Large Stevenson Screen

Download @ Thingiverse

The two designs are available from thingiverse at the following locations: